My name is Davide Santangelo, a passionate software developer with over 15 years of experiences in a wide range of disciplines, mainly concerning the web.

Currently i work as senior software engineer at Sevio which is where my passion for project and development converge.

I'm in love with Ruby, Rails, Python and everything that revolves around these technologies, especially REST API design and development.

My most recent passions are big data and machine learning. When I have time, i enjoy writing code about a different purpose, my friends/colleagues call me "gemminator", because i have great knowledge of rubygems ecosystem (here some gems that i have developed).

Take a look at my GitHub Page. I love programming and i always try to improve myself. I love study new languages ​​and take courses in programming (Rust, Vue.js right now).

Ruby, Python, Ruby On Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, CSS, HTML, Java, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Git, SVN, Elastic Search.

Find me on Twitter, GitHub, Dev.to or Linkedin.