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Davide Santangelo

I'm a passionate software developer

My New Job

2015-08-13 09:55

I have recently joined a new company, Chorally. I’m very happy with what I do and to have joined an awesome pool of coworker.

The project is challenging and exciting, i'm learning different things every day and the people I work with are really smart. I'm really happy to work for this company and to contribute to its growth.

Game Of Life

2015-06-18 10:55

I like math and for fun i implemented a ruby implementation of Conway's Game of Life

The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

The "game" is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, requiring no further input. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves or, for advanced players, by creating patterns with particular properties.

You can find the code on github. As always feel free to contribute :).

I also deployed the application on heroku


2015-05-24 14:35

Today I want to talk you about TUNS

TUNS is a funny open source personal project (Rails + Slim + SASS + Sidekiq + Bootstrap + JS). It allow you to keep track of your twitter unffollower. With TUNS you will receive a notification when someone unfollow or return to follow you back.

After it is launched on Product Hunt he has been a great success. At the moment more then 500 users and 1100 unfollower notification :).

Obviously i'm working on new features and improvements to offer to the user a useful, clean and funny service.

if you want to try and tell me what you think, feedbacks are always welcome!

Front-end Front

2015-05-08 10:01

If you are a front-end developer and want to improve yourself and learn new things you must visit this wonderful site.

Front-end Front is a place where front-end developers can ask questions, share interesting links, and show their work to the rest of the community. Have you heard of Hacker News or Designer News? It’s something like that, but focused more on front-end.


2015-04-30 09:11

New REST API new gem :).

Yes, another ruby wrapper for this awesome service emailhunter.

Email Hunter allow yout to find email addresses all over the web in seconds. You can use the REST API or use my own gem. The instructions of the implementation and the usage are on the github page.


2015-04-28 09:20

I just published a new gem called 'webinspector'. This gem allow to scrape a web page. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its title, meta description, meta keywords, links, images etc.

You can download it from rubygems or view the code on github.


Initialize a WebInspector instance for an URL, like this:

page ='')

You can see the data like this:


Of course feel free to contribute.

Random Stuff

2015-04-24 12:11

When i rest, of course, i write code for fun. And i created two small web applications:


the first is a REST API that allows you to scrape a web page.

the second is a Web view that shows you the geolocalization info about your position. This web app use the gem geoplugin.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to use the code hosted on Github.


2015-04-23 09:13 lets you easily run your Rails/Rack apps locally with close to zero configuration.

to install or upgrade Pow, open a terminal and run this command

$ curl | sh

now to configure a new Rails/Rack app running locally all you need to do is:

$ cd ~/.pow
$ ln -s /path/to/myapp

That’s it! Your app will be up and running at See the user’s manual for more information.

There is also a ruby gem to make life even easier

$ gem install powder

Now you can start and stop Pow like this:

$ powder up
$ powder dow

That's it!

Geoplugin V 0.3.0

2015-04-22 10:17

I just published a new version of the gem geoplugin.

This version includes the ability to specify a custom currency converter (because Geoplugin set the default to USD) with the options base_currency like this:

location ='', :base_currency => 'EUR')
location = => 'EUR')

feedbacks are always appreciated.

Ruby API Wrapper

2015-04-21 16:17

API are a passion of mine. I'm always looking for services to utilize and i created a couple of ruby gems for two valuable services: restcountry geoplugin.

Feel free to contribute to these projects and enjoy!

My First Post

2015-04-20 20:47

This is my first post ever :). I start to tell you about me, about my passion for the web and , if i can, help you with some small suggestion about ruby, rails, js and web related technology.