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Davide Santangelo

I'm a passionate software developer

Hi, my name is Davide Santangelo I’m 33 years old i currently live and work in Foggia, Italy.

I have 11 years of experience in web development. I have the ability to solve many problems and use different approaches and solutions in my projects and with my friends I have contributed to the development of a simple file sharing service called Snapp.

I also made my own personal project for fun called (is no longer active :()TUNS. It has a most unexpected success especially on Product Hunt.

I'm in love with Ruby, Rails, Python and Javascript. I also write random stuff about what I'm interested in.

I love programming and i always try to improve myself. I love study new languages ​​and take courses in programming.

If you want to know me better you can see my resume or you can get in touch with me from the contact page.